Services I offer:

  • Diagnostic Evaluation

    By using a clinical interview, personal history, surveys, questionnaires, old records and collaborative data, we can come to an idea of what are the target symptoms that need to be addressed, what are the concerns that interrupt function.

    Diagnostic evaluations are not for devising a title for a patient. The diagnostic evaluations are to put together an idea of what cluster of symptoms might be present to get an idea of what kind of approaches may be needed.

    This is also useful for insurance claims, for outside treating providers, teachers and as an education piece for family, and for the patient themselves.

  • Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT)

    Simply put, this modality of therapy is using medicines to access the systems we've created of fixed beliefs. With the dissociative properties of ketamine we can move away from our attachments to our thinking and engage our internal intelligence to reorganize our beliefs. Facets of psychoeducation, and preparation and integration sessions, also help to facilitate this process. We facilitate MAT with TELOS.

  • Complementary Alternative Medicine

    This is about building natural stress tolerance. Right choices of foods, plants, herbs, nutraceuticals and supplements can get symptoms to move, improve cognitive function, physical stamina, quality of sleep and natural physical energy. Posturing and mindfulness goes a long way when the body is well cared for.

    We may ask for nutritional evaluations, laboratory tests and baseline diagnostics in some cases.

  • Medication Management

    If needed, calculated choices of medications can get symptoms to move, to soften, or blunt, in order to improve stamina for stress, improve pain and pain tolerance, help with sleep, energy, and mood. Being aware and flexible, knowing benefits and risks, including short and long term outcomes, informs decisions for using medications. What medication cannot do is change the content of what we think - that is up to us.

  • Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is a technique whereby complete and total relaxation is possible. We use this for bringing an experience of letting go of fixed beliefs that are causing distress and being curious about the pure being that we all are. Healing with this tool can shift chronic entrenched ways of behaving and relieve symptoms of illness and disharmony.

    Read more about Washington State's requirements for hypnotherapists.

  • Transpersonal Therapy

    This is an unbiased, non-religious framework with which to explore a person's way of thinking and being. This is an analytical type discussion that includes exploration of the internal landscape, a searching of the nature of the human spirit, and 'meaning making,' ... all with the expectation to encounter what is needed to heal and grow.