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Donna Elam Psychiatric Physician Assistant - Certified


  • Diagnostic Evaluation

    Provides an in depth, 90 minute interview using DSM 5 criteria to evaluate for building strategies to move toward wellness.

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  • Medication-Assisted Therapy

    Medication applied in a safe environment for supporting engagement in therapy.

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  • Complementary Alternative Medicine

    We create or revise treatment plans according to best practices available.

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  • Medication Management

    We create or revise treatment plans according to the patient's individual needs. We use electronic prescribing for all medications and may require laboratory testing and monitoring.

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  • Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is conducted in-office or virtually, and treats generalized symptoms of anxiety and depression, phobias and fixed ideas.

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  • Transpersonal Therapy

    This is a discussion-based framework for working through personal experiences and beliefs towards healing.

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